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ballroom n : large room used mainly for dancing [syn: dance hall, dance palace]

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  1. A large room used for dancing.
  2. A type of elegant dance


large room used for dancing
type of elegant dance
  • Hungarian: társasági tánc

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This article is about the architectural element known as a ballroom. For the style of dance, see ballroom dance. For the musical, see Ballroom (musical).
A ballroom is a large room inside a building, the designated purpose of which is holding formal dances called balls. Traditionally, most balls were held in private residences; many mansions contain one or more ballrooms. In other large houses, a large room such as the main drawing room, long gallery, or hall may double as a ballroom, but a good ballroom should have the right type of floor.
Ballrooms are generally quite large, and may have ceilings higher than other rooms in the same building. The large amount of space for dancing, as well as the highly formal tone of events have given rise to ballroom dancing. The largest balls are now nearly always held in public buildings, and many hotels have a ballroom. They are also designed large to help the sound of orchestras carry throughout the whole room.
A special case is the annual Vienna Opera Ball, where, just for one night, the auditorium of the Vienna State Opera is turned into a large ballroom. On the eve of the event, the rows of seats are removed from the stalls, and a new floor, level with the stage, is built.
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amusement park, cabaret, cafe chantant, cafe dansant, casino, chamber, chambre, dance floor, dance hall, dancery, dancing pavilion, entertainment industry, fun-fair, grand ballroom, juke joint, night spot, nightclub, nitery, resort, roadhouse, room, rotunda, salle, show biz, show business, tavern, theater
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